These days, the role of short-term on-the-Job training in order to improve the productivity of labor force is so much highlighted. According to the most of pundits stated that one of the behind the scenes in the world of business is training in professional fields so DEG (Don Ertebate Gooya), has organized advanced and professional courses at different levels in order to meet some of the educational needs that some learners have to provide at a high cost.

Dan Ertebat Goya (DEG) Company offers courses to improve the level of knowledge of authorized agencies and technicians, as well as to increase the skills and capabilities of human resources, under installation and repair of heating and cooling products with 2000 brand in the after-sales service unit as follows:



Training Courses Schedules:


“Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Corona virus and the observance of health protocols, it is impossible to hold training courses until further notice”