After Sales Service

In a sense DEG (Don Ertebat-e-Gooya) Company with its own brand name” 2000” has been taking benefit of experienced, professional managers and experts in the field of heating and cooling industries has this capability to manufacture high quality and well-made material for non-condensed wall hung gas boilers and wall mounted radiators in order to upgrade the quality and welfare of life besides cover approximately the necessities of Industrial Community of our country and home appliance customers. The last but not the least DEG Company strongly believes in that the sponsor of customers’ satisfaction in the field of high quality of products and superiority of after sales services.



Supporting customers from purchasing any sorts of products till installation, periodical services within and after guarantee period and finally supplying spare parts for 10 years warranty for all its customers.



The Latest studies in recent years shows that getting attention on ” After Sales Services” among companies have been amazingly expanded  consequently by developing  information and technology the company executives like owners and manager are gradually found out not only product quality can be their remarkable traits, but  also the only way to be different among the other competitors  and be successful is achieving loyalty and satisfaction of their customers by offering optimal services to them ; moreover, recent  research has also  been shown the cost of finding one new customer is so much higher than to keep the current customers; therefore, based on the efficiency of word of-mouth advertising require to concentrate on their current customers for this reason offering  optimal services in customer-based companies are going to be increased rapidly .



  • Increasing customer satisfaction and quality level of after-sales service of us by identifying the obvious and hidden needs of customers and increasing the speed of responding to their needs
  • Turn after-sales services into competitive product as a special feature
  • Align with global standards in after-sales services
  • Increase the credibility of the product brand in the target markets
  • Turning dissatisfied customers into satisfied, loyal and enduring customers
  • Gain more customer trust
  • 24 months device guarantee
  • Providing superior services and ease of communication
  • Providing services by experienced and trained technicians in accordance with latest standards.
  • Updating services through periodic calls and customer surveys
  • Special telephone number 021-42534000 (30 lines)
  • SMS system through cell phones