Split Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems have progressed day by day, from old hand fans to fans, then coolers and now gas coolers and splinters.

Split is actually a new generation of gas cooler that has been improved by making some changes to it. The Split makes your home’s warm air very cool and airy.

As you know, in the fridges, the liquid refrigerant that leads to the refrigerator cools down, is the Freon gas. In the gas coolers, there is also a device that evaporates the refrigerant; this device actually serves you like a refrigerator in a gas cooler.

But it’s not a bad thing to know that splinters are able to reach your favorite temperature in your room and, in addition to having the ability to adjust humidity in your home, there is the possibility of eliminating bacteria; as we have pointed out, sprites The newer generation of gas coolers is outdated, and the aforementioned are the advantages of this new generation system.

In addition to providing essential home-heating equipment such as a water heater or a wall-mounted package with specially designed splinters, you can balance the temperature of different rooms of different sizes and eliminate the microbes in the air. Save power with splinters, listen to music (!) And cool!

In the radiator store 2000, there are several types of Split gas coolers that you can take each one according to the specifications and the size of your home or office.